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Health and Safety

All work experience opportunities offered by employers are checked by The Employability Partnership to ensure that they are safe, meaningful and comply with current legislation.


Clearly, the risks in an office or shop will be considerably  less than those found in a potentially more hazardous garage or factory environment and so discussions with TEP, which will include a visit to a new employer, include a discussion about those risks, taking into account the student’s relative lack of maturity and familiarity with the workplace, coupled with age related physical limitations.


Naturally, the occupational experts are you, the employers, but we have found that the same queries do arise consistently and therefore have included here links to specific guidance, in addition to our own summary sheet detailing where additional information can be located (Health and Safety Resources for Employers). This falls into three key areas:

  • General information about setting up a placement and topics such as first aid and working at height

  • Guidance where the age of the student is a particular factor, eg  manual handling or noise

  • Industry specific guidance for occupations like woodworking and catering which reference restrictions for young people


The following are downloadable documents produced by the Health and Safety Executive :




















Contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0

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