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For Parents

Work experience is an opportunity for students to experience the adult world of work while they are still at school, and learn and use a range of transferable skills, personal qualities and competencies that will contribute towards their employability. Here are some common questions we are asked by Parents :

How are placements found ?

The Employability Partnership canvasses local employers for offers of placements, and students can also find their own placements using personal contacts. In both cases, the placement is checked by TEP and approval is only granted provided certain standards are met.

Can my son or daughter find their own placement ?

If your son or daughter wishes to find their own placement, the school will provide a Student’s Own Placement form, which must be returned by the school's deadline.

Should the activities be career related ?

They may or may not be related to a student's chosen career but he/she should be interested in the occupation on offer.

How are employers approved for work experience ?

Our trained and experienced Partners and Associates will visit  the employer to ensure that the placement meets health and safety standards, taking into account the age and inexperience of the student. Other criteria include assurances that the student will be insured, looked after and offered a meaningful experience.

Can students attend an unapproved placement ?

Occasionally, where there is clear evidence that the employer is not able to meet the required standards, The Employability Partnership is unable to approve the placement. In these circumstances it would be totally inadvisable for the student to attend, as their safety and security could be at risk and there would be no insurance cover or local authority support in place should any accident or incident occur.

Can students attend a placement outside of Cambridgeshire ?

Yes, where students wish to attend a placement outside the county, checks to the same standard will be made by the appropriate agencies and this will incur a charge – all details are on the Student's Own Placement form.

What information will parents receive about their son's or daughter's placement ?

Following approval of the placement, The Employability Partnership produces an agreed job description and risk assessment. Your son or daughter should bring a copy home from school before the placement starts and you will be asked to sign a school agreement form to acknowledge that you have seen it. This document will clearly state any prohibited activities and also outline:


  • contact details

  • main duties and requirements

  • hours of work

  • clothing requirements

  • lunch and transport arrangements

How can I help my son or daughter with their placement ?

Talk to them about the kind of work in which they may be interested.


  • Explain the importance of meeting school deadlines for the completion and return of relevant forms and attendance at a pre-placement interview with their employer if required.


  • Ensure that you fully complete the section regarding pre-existing medical conditions on the school form and speak to the school personally if you think there is additional information that may be helpful to an employer.


  • Discuss arrangements for travel to the workplace.


  • Check that appropriate clothing is worn and whether you need to supply safety footwear if indicated in the job description.


  • Try to ensure regular and punctual attendance.

Can I help with the work experience programme ?

If you are in a position to offer a work experience opportunity please contact the school and they will inform us. Employers receive no reimbursement for taking students on work experience but cite other benefits of becoming involved, such as:


➢    raising their company profile within the industry

➢    developing recruitment channels

➢    staff development

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